The Old Ship’s New Clothes

Commander Sato's Flagship, by TheNerdyOne_, on Eurobricks


You might not be very familiar with the Pelta-class frigate. It has been around for a time though. It served in The Clone Wars, and we’ve seen glimpses of it in the trailer for the second season of Rebels. It looks as amazing as ever, complete with a new paint scheme. This prompted TheNerdyOne_ to show it some love. He’s one of the first to render this ship in our beloved bricks, and with quite some success. He captured the interesting shape carefully, keeping the sense of design history in it. I love how the perfectly shaped front section fits so nicely in the angled hull, with the flaps in the back making the flow of the ship complete: he perfectly accented the lines with ridges and colors. The ship isn’t overloaded with greebles, but the details that are there really stand out. That black block in the middle is just gorgeous, and you have to like the docking area. And the more subtle details like the shapes in the black areas, and the tiny turrets everywhere complete the model. The details being not to pronounced give the model a really clean and effective look, and shows the builder really understands the ship. Not bad for a ship without a lot of screen time. So get to know this beautiful ship better, complete with its new clothes and its hidden innards in the topic. Maybe it will make you consider what superfluous things not to recreate on your next creation…


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