The Awe Awakens

You’re going to see a lot more of these ‘continue reading’ links around here. We’ve decided to use those for every article containing pictures concerning episode VII, in case you want to see the movie without knowing what to expect, just like myself. But there’s no stopping the amazing creations people are building. We feature markus1984 again, with the definitive version of a scene that hasn’t been even in theaters yet. He brings us his second rather unique AT-AT. This time, he had no deadline and has been working on it for months. So I daresay this one is even more impressive than his first one.

Episode VII - Apoca AT-AT on Jakku, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


This truly minifig-scale AT-AT looks as amazing as if it was still in its glory days, looming over the landscape. This creation conveys the feeling of faded glory perfectly. The way the head and the legs are posed, in that strange angle, shows how old and tired the machine feels: markus1984 succeeded in giving a well known vehicle emotion and an expression. It gives this excellent creation extra quality. Because there’s already a good foundation. The humongous monster never looks boring due to all the different textures and many interesting details. The creator spent thoughts on every single area. Just look at the way he avoided getting antistuds in the feet, and detailed it perfectly: this creation is amazing no matter how close or how far away you are. Even when viewed from a distance, the small bits lying around give it a sense of scale and the landscape give it the necessary context. It’s hard to imagine a landscape worthy of such a monumental vehicle, but this is a rare case where the two are perfectly balanced. In one go, markus1984 gives us a marvelous AT-AT, and probably the best recreation of a desert in bricks – ever. The way the bumps are not high but very clustered feels very natural. Can you already hear the howl of an approaching sandstorm, and the tired shrieking of the rusty walker? If not, maybe you should just take a closer look. your trip to the desert starts here. Don’t get lost in that sandstorm, because I have a feeling there are still a lot of beautiful MOCs about to awaken…


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