Pew-pew! for experts

Angry Senator Battle Pack, by Ninja Nin, on Eurobricks


The Star Wars Battle Pack contest has been going on for three weeks now, and your chances on winning are growing ever smaller. Not only has there been a great response, but some entries defy what you thought was possible with the limitations of a battle pack. Ninja Nin‘s Angry Senator Battle Pack is a testimony to that fact. It presents us with a very good looking senate pod, quite probably the most visible Star Wars object that has seen the least LEGO iterations. The pod features all the necessary details like the desk, lights and hoverpads. But this is also the first creation that brings the political bickering of the Prequel Trilogy alive. Throw around your arguments and disprove the other party! It’s a funny, intelligent and never before seen take on the concept of the battle pack, and shows that you don’t need a lot of bricks to convey an awesome concept. So dig up those failed pies and take that fish you don’t like eating. The fight goes on in this topic.

Rebel Special Forces Battlepack, by Artizan, on Eurobricks


Artizan‘s Rebels Special Forces battle pack is more serious. In fact, it would fit perfectly in the line of existing sets, with the difference that this one shows how it has to be done. With just these few parts, the creation conveys a certain atmosphere, and has an overall professional look to it. That without any fancy parts usages: it just shows that every brick is exactly in the right place. What makes this a great battle pack furthermore, is the division of the bricks in two builds. A turretst with a lovely shape with just the right offsets, and a console with good angles and textures. It gives you something to defend, and something to defend with, creating endless possibilities for playing, even without any elaborate functions. It’s genius, efficient and professional in its simplicity: a quality that’s very hard to describe, let alone to nail down. So let yourself go and imagine all the battles you would be fighting in the topic. Or if your bloodlust has really awoken, submit an entry to the contest before the end of May


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