Artoo, I’ve a feeling we’re not on Alderaan any more…

The Wonderful Jedi Master of Oz, by vitreolum, on Eurobricks


Ah, the jolly girl with her adorable robot whose ship was swallowed up by a Star Destroyer, who made friends in a world somewhere over the Milky Way. Then encountered strange little creatures, and became friends with the raggedy smuggler, the tin man with a hard of gold and the imposing Wookiee who wouldn’t hurt a fly (as long as it would let him win). And set out on a quest to defeat the wicked Sith of the West… When put like that, the similarities between Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz are quite obvious. But you have to have vitreolum‘s creative eye to conceive them. So it is he who brings his cross-over mastery and character building wizardry together in this unique creation.

The joy and enthusiasm of the original scene burst from the screen, with the jolly band hopping across the yellow brick road. The Dorothy/Princess Leia mash up looks completely acceptable, and I just love the way that skirt is shaped. C-3PO looks stunning as well, with both an incredible shape and incredible details for the scale. He looks very substantial and machine like, and somehow I love those legs. Han has that fabulous swashbuckler-look, careless as the scarecrow, and connects perfectly to Chewie. Everyone’s favorite wookiee is presented here like never before, with just the right amount of texturing in his fur, and sufficient curves in it. He does look very frightening and imposing, although his look reveals what’s underneath. Maybe vitreolum built better characters than ever before, just for this fun scene. You can admire it for more than it just being a creative mash up. But to be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of scenes that come close to this level of originality. Seeing Star Wars with whole new eyes already? Who knows what’s next! You only have to follow the hyper-link road.


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