The MOCcers Awaken…

I have to confess something… I haven’t watched any of the The Force Awakens trailers. I’m trying to keep myself completely spoiler-free, and although I’ve seen some images, I can honestly say I still have not the slightest idea what the movie will be about. The thing is, I can’t just ignore these beautiful MOCs people are creating based on images from the trailer. So if you don’t care about spoilers (actually, it are just LEGO representations of scenes in the trailer, so no real spoilers) at all, or if you are willing to abandon your information-bubble, have a look at three marvelous MOCs based on the trailer after the jump.

First Order Outpost, by Rolli, on Eurobricks


These three creations where built for a contest on the German LEGO Star Wars forum Imperium der Steine. The first one is by Rolli, who made what’s probably the first episode VII microscale build. I can’t really get into how well the scenes are recreated, but I really like the composition of this one with the great use of colors. The banner pops out, with its marvelous hexagonal shape and supported by the two stark columns. And the uniquely tiny people help it all to look huge and imposing. The effect is continued by the use of to-scale doors and vehicles. The sense of scale really is the most remarkable feature of this creation, giving the picture the impression of being an aerial shot taken from far far away. It makes you realize how imposing and threatening that banner is… Getting the chills already? Then maybe you should not have a more in-depth look at the topic dedicated to this dangerously small creation…


AT-AT Hideout, by Disco86, on Eurobricks


Maybe you’re better off gazing at Disco86‘s creation then, representing an AT-AT that probably isn’t going to bite anymore. He succeeded perfectly in giving us a sense of decay, of time. The AT-AT design is great in its own right, but it’s the weathering that makes it stand out, because of the way it’s done: at one side there’s texture, at the other color. The consistent use of a single rust color in patches gives the impression it’s been there for quite a while and is starting to fall apart. You can already see some parts straying around. I really like the use of the root piece as something else than a root, and it gives the feeling something is buried. The way the sand is heaped up against the right parts only adds to the realism, and the speeder and the footsteps do a good job bringing a little bit of life to the scene of decay, no matter how shady. So if you can’t stand rotting carasses, maybe it’s better not to inspect it further in the thread showcasing this haunting scene.


First Order TIE hangar, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


Markus1984‘s creation is at the other side of the spectrum, completely shiny and new, although it will not be long before decay will kick in. The polishedness of the build lends it an unsuspecting atmosphere, making the destruction look like a total, horrifying surprise. It’s a pity those beautiful fighters will be gone soon. Because although they may look studded, they are very clean. Just look at the way markus1984 did the rims surrounding the wings, without any hinges or gaps visible. And look at how clever he was not just clipping those bars at the octagonal piece, but forcing them at just the right angle. That care only makes the destruction look worse, while it is already awesome, with that smoke, flashing bolts and roaring fire. It’s great how the builder differentiated between the explosion happening just now, and the fire in the background already spreading out, dynamic as only fire can be. And all of that action in such a serene environment. So if you want to keep your cool, maybe just leave the topic as it is, figuring in both dreams and nightmares.


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