The fastest interior in the galaxy

Millennium Falcon, by Titans creations, on Flickr


“Chewie, we’re home” – This line has mesmerized Star Wars fans ever since the second trailer for episode VII came out. But what did “home” look like again? Yes, the hunk of junk with the iconic cockpit, the chess table, the corridors, the turrets… you know the big rooms, but do you really know every nook and cranny? ‘Titans creations’ gives finally gives you the opportunity to discover it all, from the most iconic locations to the hidden spots you couldn’t even imagine. Because this group of builders from Singapore built a minifig scale Millennium Falcon interior for a display in Legoland Malaysia. 40% bigger than the behemoth that was the UCS Falcon, it features everything that model lacked: an interior worthy to its exterior. I love how they filled the model with both rather spacious rooms where the passengers come, and areas stuffed with technology. It creates a very practical look and makes it interesting to look at. You also have to admire the asymmetry in the model in just the right amount. It gave the builders the opportunity to cram every single detail in there, because yes, they even built a toilet. So take your time to admire this creation two months in the making. Scan all 110 cm of it, enjoying the twisted tubing, curved coridors, varied vents, exciting engines and exhilarating easter-eggs. It really is too much to talk about. So head over to the fantastic Flickr album, and please, make yourself at home.


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