[SoNE] The suns will come out tomorrow

The suns will come out tomorrow, by LucasLaughing, on Eurobricks


The eighth episode of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka has just ended, and we’ve got 15 marvelous entries, most of them portraying a podracer. They came in all colors, shapes and sizes. The engine LucasLaughing built for his entry isn’t very exceptional at first sight, but yet it manages to stand out. Maybe it’s how real it feels. Everything seems to have a purpose, from the biggest flaps to the tiniest, almost hidden details you can barely see at the inside of the engines. It shows that the details that are almost invisible make a creation really stand out, so that’s something to think about. Besides from that, its functional look also might come from the functional decomposition between the aerodynamic front and the heavy duty back. All of that combined with some beautiful, yet not extravagant shapes. It makes the engine look like a real feat of engineering. An effect enhanced by the knowledgeable looking characters, discussing, fixing and using various tools. The entire work-in-progress vibe of the scene the build really finishes the build. The entire entourage lift this (part of a) vehicle to an entire new level, even though there are less bricks in that part. So next time you’ve built something, stand back and look at what you can’t see, build what will not be the main focus and maybe write an incredible story like LucasLaughing has. So head over to Watto’s Junkyard to study this marvel of engineering and building.


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