Aren’t you a little blocky for a Stormtrooper?

Lego Pop Figure: Yoda, by seb Toutouille, on Flickr Stormtrooper, by seb Toutouille, on Flickr


If you’ve read a couple of articles here, you might have started to think that accuracy and eye for detail is the key feature of a successful Star Wars LEGO model. But then we’re forgetting a whole world of wondrous creations that are simple, abstract or out of proportion. These are creations that have a special way of making our day and dropping our jaws. Seb Toutouille’s blockheads are the prime example of such a creation, portraying several popular culture figures in a very peculiar fashion. Despite their blockyness, they look very dynamic due to the expressive posing of the head and just the right amount of curves. They aren’t overly detailed, but spot on. And despite their universal cuteness, it seems like the personality of the characters has been captured as well. All of that in such a simple construction, it makes you wonder why you’ve never thought of it. And you’re desperate to have them on your desk. That’s real genius. So leave the world of greebles and UCS, and dive into the whole new world of abstract builds, and discover some more awesome figures on Flickr. It’ll make you look at your basic bricks with whole new eyes.


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