To Battle!

Star Wars Battle Pack Contest, on Eurobricks


The LEGO Star Wars battlepacks are quite the sets. Some people like them a lot because of the excellent and cheap(ish) minifigures and buy dozens of them. Others despise them, because they can hardly be called sets and never seem to contain the right minifigures. No matter what, now is your chance to show the world how it’s done. Because until May 31st, The Star Wars Battle Pack Contest takes place in our Star Wars forum. Take or create four minifigures and try to make a decent set with just 100 bricks. You can take clones, stormtroopers, droids, Tusken Raiders… as long as they appeared in one of the six movies, and you can decorate them with custom stickers if you like. Digital entries are allowed as well, so there’s no reason not to participate. Especially because the first and second place will receive what is considered to be the best battlepack produced. Find out everything about the contest in Watto’s Junkyard!


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