Rise Like the Phoenix

Minifigure Scale Rebels Phantom with base, by goatman461, on Eurobricks


“Build a 16×16 Star Wars scene”. My guess is you immediately think of one of the iconic scenes we all know and love. Luke versus Vader in the throne room? An AT-ST in the forest of Endor? That climactic moment in Cloud City? Or maybe even the Duel of the Fates, or the Battle of the Heroes? Did you think of Rebels? Goatman461 did. And he shows that a scene based on that show can be just as epic and amazing as the most iconic movie moments. While his build doesn’t literally depict a scene from the show, it totally has the right atmosphere and looks cinematic enough to be a screenshot of an episode. The highlight of the scene is the Phantom. You can instantly forget the tiny LEGO set, because this one is both big and beautiful. It’s size allows for plenty of details, even on the underside, and goatman461 took care to recreate the entire interior. The result is an amazing ship with personality. If there will ever be a creation that will make you like the Phantom, this is the one. The base is also quite unique. The people running in circles create a dynamic yet funny scene, and the greebles enhance it further. And you can’t get around that glorious phoenix logo. While blocky, it’s perfect, maybe because it represents graffiti better that way, and the different shades give it that used-universe look we all love. And it creates just that extra level of cinematic drama. I think that if you haven’t seen the show, you’d hardly notice this is a completely imagined scene at all. It’s amazing, but goatman461 shows that you don’t need spectacular source material to create an iconic and meaningful scene! A rare message in LEGO Star Wars land. So learn from the master in the topic!


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