Creating Destruction

Death Star - Scenes from episode IV, by Asoka, on Imperium der Steine


Imagine you’re new to MOCcing. You really want to make the Star Wars creation from your dreams: a huge Death Star diorama showcasing the moment of the destruction of Alderaan. So you prepare: you collect bricks for years, you watch all the source material there is, from the movies to Robot Chicken videos. You start building a Turbolaser cannon, it works out rather well. You keep building. You fall ill, but keep thinking about the project. You return and spend many countless nights to get it done in time for an exhibition. On the way to the exhibition, it fall apart, but you manage to restore your creation to its former glory in half an hour, just in time. And now you hope people like your creation. This is the story of Asoka. You decide how his story ends.

But I have no doubt this creation will receive praise from anyone who sees it. Because it’s rather unique, and completely imposing. The scale is tremendous, yet there are plenty of details to make every area interesting. It’s loaded with little bits, but still manages to remain clear, with a nice textural division between the three main areas. I really like how the creation builds up, with lots of technical details at the bottom, with still some structure to it, followed by a smoother section with a gaping, menacing hole. And that single tube that does a great job binding the sections together. And than the top section, clean, cold, Imperial, set apart by its overhang and the unique angled shape of the room. It gives you the impression everything from the smallest detail to the biggest layout feature has been carefully conceived and built. The result is a creation as glorious, looming and efficient as the Death Star itself. But without those nasty exhaust ports. Yes, you can try to find the fatal weakness in the topic (German) or even the WIP pictures, but I daresay not even a lucky farmboy can find one.


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