I am Dan-StO, Character-Brick Relations

C-3PO mid-size, DanSto, on Eurobricks


Character building seems to be the trend lately. We’ve had an amazing stormtrooper, a Jar Jar we could really like, and an UCS C-3PO. And still DanSto surprises with his take on the world’s most beloved metal man. He built his version to be in scale with his previous masterpiece, a mid sized R2-D2. As you can see, they fit perfectly together, both in scale as in detail. Because once again, this model is chock-full of details and features. You have to admire the delicacy of the arms, the beautifully angled battery at the back or the defining tubes across the waist. DanSto also managed to capture less obvious aspects, like the v-shaped hip piece, the perfect shape of the shoulders, the rim across the head or outlines of the torso. Combine all these details and shapes with a lot of clever articulation, and you have no one less than C-3PO himself standing in front of you. Yes, if you look really close, you’ll see that some details don’t match up completely, but these are bricks we’re talking about. And it only shows that Daniel managed to create something with character and a heart despite all limitations, like the colors of available bricks. It shows limitations can’t stop a good builder: he just uses them to improve the original model! So thank the maker! and admire C-3PO from all angles in the topic. And if you look carefully, you might even get hold of the blueprints somewhere…


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