Q… R… S… Ah, Ten Ways to Crack a Gammorean Skull

Rancor Library, by mordatre, on Eurobricks


The Rancor: a brutal, savage beast, Jabba’s terrifying trashcan. But that’s only one part of the story. After showing up for feeding time, they retreat to a hidden corner in the palace. There they educate themselves, striving for sophistication while the beasts above do their things. It’s this extraordinary story mordatre depicts in his latest build. He built this unique scene for a May the Fourth display in his local library, and I think it will make quite an impression. Because apart from its bewildering idea, the build is top-notch. Everything from the base to the top of the shelves has an ornate feel to it. And the crates and pillars add to the texture, helping to give the impression of a bigger-than-normal scene. I’m also loving the colors: the brown Rancors look perfectly at home, the sand green adds some class to it, and colorful pencils and books make the scene even more hilarious. In a universe where children get slaughtered, this really colors your day. And it proves that a funny scene can be more than a picture of some minifigs and can be a beautiful scene. So when your laughing has died away, start it all over by going to the topic. Have fun!


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