All’s well that begins well

William Shakespeare's The Phantom Of Menace, by Ian Doescher, on amazon.comWilliam Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh, by Ian Doescher, on


Alas, I knew thee not, marvelous books! Until now! Ian Doescher finished his William Shakespeare’s Star Wars original trilogy more than half a year ago, but that doesn’t mean the party ends. Because over the course of the next half year, three more amazing Star Wars – Shakespeare mashups will appear on the shelves. In fact, the first book in the Prequel Trilogy, The Phantom of Menace is already available right now. The other two books, The Clone Army Attacketh and The Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge are scheduled for release in July and September respectively. Reviews of the first book are already very positive, stating the whimsical combination of high-brow language, cultural references and everything that we love about Star Wars might even surpass the movies themselves. I can guarantee that these books are piece by piece very pleasant reads, but there’s more to them. They offer some unique insights on e.g. characters that didn’t get a lot of screentime in the movie, and the inclusion of more allegorical characters is food for thought as well. And even if you’re not into reading that much, you can always enjoy the beautiful and imaginative pictures. Still waiting to see them translated in bricks… Find out all about the books on amazon: something whimsical is coming!


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