“Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so Precise”

Stormtrooper (8 inch), by umamen, on Flickr


In our galaxy, stromtroopers aren’t always perceived as the most efficient soldiers, missing targets, banging their heads against doors… It would almost make you forget the Stormtroopers are the Empire’s finest and one of the most feared soldiers in that galaxy far far away. Umamen‘s stunning Stormtrooper reminds us why. His incredible figure doesn’t look like it’s going to miss its target: it demands respect. It does something remarkable: not just recreating an existing a character, but altering our perception of it. Umamen did it with spot-on shapes, dynamic posing, authentic detailing and more. It makes the model look a lot larger than it really is. I enjoy looking for all the degrees of freedom in motion, with the interestingly angled shoulders, a swinging waist and even the ankles that can rotate sideways. That abundant flexibility isn’t a unnecessary play feature, but it makes the subtle posing possible that gives this model its… presence. That and the unique and mind-blowing recreation of the iconic helmet. Discover how Umamen worked his LEGO magic in the Flickr album, and be sure to check out how Han looks in this splendid suit. And next time you see a stormtrooper… be a bit more careful. Because this single MOC shows you how they really are. Remarkable.

Stormtrooper (8 inch), by umamen, on Flickr

2 thoughts on ““Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so Precise”

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