Heavy gunship

LAAT Republic Gunship, by Yxxn, on Flickr


There’s something about the LAAT Republic Gunship I really like. It makes me drool over every single iteration LEGO ever came up with… even the Advent Calendar version. The most recent microfighter though… not quite a success. But there comes Flickr user Yxxn‘s amazing version buzzing around the corner. The shapes have been interpreted very playfully, not only in proportions, but also in actual shape. I haven’t seen that a lot on chibi creations, but I’m liking it, especially as it helps to evoke that adorable bumblebee look. The techniques used to achieve the angles must be quite ingenious as well. Isn’t it surprising that there’s still so much room for the lovely details? It almost makes you forget that there’s only one cockpit. An amazing proof that a creation doesn’t stand or fall with a single detail, but rather is an intricate play of all the parts and all ingenuities. Pretty good for such a small creation. Check it out on Flickr.


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