Disney Princess Leia

Impression of Princess Leia as a Disney Princess, by bewareitbites, on Deviantart


The news concerning Star Wars: Rogue One are still fresh in our memory, and here already comes the next big announcement by Disney. Ever since they have bought Lucasfilm, Princess Leia is an official Disney princess. She’s already visible in several Disneylands, and now it has been announced that she will get her own 3D animated movie. It will be a retelling of the Original Trilogy from Leia’s point of view. Of how she struggles for justice in a dark world, but gets captured by the evil Lord Vader and has to make sacrifices, until she gets rescued, makes new friends, and continues to lead her Rebellion to victory. How close the movie will stay to the original remains unclear, but Carrie Fisher has been rumored to reprise her role. The team working on the animated movie is mostly the same as on Disney’s success Frozen, so I have no doubt the movie will feature some hit songs as well. The movie is scheduled to be released in late 2017. It seems to coincide with Disney’s recent interest in LEGO as well, so I’m sure we can expect some Star Wars sets in the LEGO Disney Princess line, with Leia minidolls. Are you curious? excited? bewildered? Discuss it in the general Star Wars thread here on Disneybricks. And please, keep the singing to a minimum.


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