First News on “Star Wars: Rogue One”

Gareth Edwards, director of 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Chris Weitz, writer on 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Felicity Jones, actress in 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Alexandre Desplat, composer on 'Star Wars: Rogue One'


We still have to wait until December for Episode VII to come out, and we already have some information on the next Star Wars movie. Rogue One will not be like the other episodes, but a stand-alone movie that is rumored to involve bounty hunters. Recently, it was announced that the movie will be released on December 16 2016. It will be directed by Gareth Edwards, known for the latest Godzilla blockbuster, while Chris Weitz will be writing the screenplay, just like in the most recent incarnation of Cinderella. The Theory of Everything‘s acclaimed leading actress, Felicity Jones, will have a role in the movie. Finally, not Star Wars maestro John Williams, but Hollywood’s most wanted composer, Alexandre Desplat, will be writing the soundtrack. Their pictures stand in order above. It looks like a very competent set of people to me. It can only make you excited for the future of Star Wars, with a whole new generation of talented people working on it. And finally, if you want to gaze into the far future, the release date of Episode VIII has also been announced to be on May 26 2017. Share your thoughts in the Star Wars discussion topic.


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