Crab on the Menu

Having a Crabby Day, by Brick Productions, on Flickr


Among a great diversity of amazing builds, Brick Productions has created some marvelous Star Wars vignettes. His small scenes don’t feature vast, swooshing ships, but still ooze detail and atmosphere. And his latest build might be the best. The Crab droid gets the main focus, and it totally deserves it: the spindly yet powerful aspect of the machine was captured perfectly, with its sharp toes and angular panels. And there’s our Clone trooper, with his intricate blaster and tense pose. Most scenes would end here, but Brick Productions’ creation goes a step further by creating a beautiful backdrop. A strange ball, some canisters and a never before seen decoration of the floor. It’s complex, it’s beautiful, and it feels like it belongs in the scene. Maybe it’s because it contrasts so well with the soil, pointing out the organic-mechanical duality of the scene. But no matter how, we’re looking at a gorgeously created and pictured scene. It shows that a small scene with no big features can still be impressive, with great machinery, backdrop, base, props, figure posing, photography… When there’s so much to learn, how could anyone even begin on making a large scene? I think looking some more at Brick Production’s builds wouldn’t hurt, so check out his Flickr account.


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