That’s no moon it’s a space station!

 Death Star, by Brickplumber, on flickr


A long time ago, when I’d just started Blogging for Eurobricks, I found a few photos of this MOC when it was only partially built.  At the time I was really quite impressed by it, and I remember thinking that if anyone could replicate the huge dimensions of the Death Star in a LEGO format, Brickplumber would be one of the few who had the talent to achieve it.  Anyway, it’s finally complete and comprises over 150,000 parts and is beautifully backlit with 3,000 LEDS!  It’s difficult to estimate the size of it from the photos, but it’s clearly very substantial.  It includes the usual humorous touches you’d expect; including an army of construction workers, a bar complete with Classic Spacemen, Lord Vader trying to give the Emperor flowers and even Darth Maul lurking in one of the corridors!  However, my favourite elements are the hangar and the scene showing Ben Kenobi disabling the tractor beam (above).  Head over to flickr and take a look.


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