[UCS] Midas Touch!

 UCS C-3PO, by Anio, on Eurobricks


There are a few builders who have the ability to regularly create MOCs of such an exceptional standard it’s almost like they have a magical touch.  And, for Anio’s latest creation, it’s certainly true as he’s managed to convert a humble array of LEGO elements into pure Gold!

I’ve seen several attempts at creating a ‘definitive’ C-3PO, but I think that this is the best yet.  Although the parts have been chromed, and his waist has been constructed on non-standard parts, it’s still instantly recognisable as LEGO, and Anio has managed to capture the ‘character’ of C-3PO perfectly.  I don’t want to guess how much the parts cost, but if you’re looking for the ultimate version of everyone’s second-favourite droid, this may be the opportunity that you’ve been looking for!  Head over the Star Wars forum to see some other great images of this truly beautiful creation.


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