[SoNE Ep. VIII] Shaping the Odds

[SoNE Ep. VIII] Shaping the Odds, on Eurobricks


The dark times of the Galactic Civil War have allowed criminals to thrive under its cover. The most notorious syndicate of them all is the Black Sun. In an attempt to gain power, they want to join forces with the Empire. The Rebel Alliance cannot allow this, and Darth Vader isn’t too happy about it either. So both sides try to stop the syndicate, by infiltrating their ranks. The podraces, surrounded by all kinds of illegal betting activities, form the perfect scene. Both sides struggle for control over the race. Whoever controls them most, will get noticed by the trained criminals…

This is the back story for the eighth episode of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka (SoNE) building/role playing game/contest right in our own Eurobricks Star Wars forum. Every player can build a scene showing his character manipulating the race, sabotaging podracers, bribing pilots, learning the intricacies of the betting… and in parallel, each team tries to predict the outcome of the episode for extra bonus points. Do you want to have a major impact on the race and possibly on the fate of the galaxy? Then find out all about the contest here. You can sign up as long as the contest is running!


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