The Great Cave of Dathomir

Dathomir Rancor Cavern, by Outworlder, on Eurobricks


Forget about that Sarlacc. There are worse things out there, and right now you should be running from this Rancor Cavern. Because Outworlder shows everything to give you the creeps. Above the big, black, ominous entrance to the cave a clear warning sign towers. The cave itself looks like a dark and twisted fortress, invincible with its crooked towers. It stands alone in a barren wasteland, breathing dead: even the trees look like they would kill for food… This creation really inspires some dark and gloomy thoughts. It speaks to the advantage of the amazing talent of the builder that every single brick in this creation contributes to the atmosphere: even without any fancy backgrounds, the creation has a strong presence. Apart from the obvious dark things, an important factor in the atmosphere being so moody, is the realism of the creation. The terrain is dusty and inaccessible, the rocks are sharp and have an interesting presence of both natural and artificial shapes, the vegetation is dry and dark, the bones are everywhere. All the natural details and textures make it more believable, and much more to be feared. It’s a unique Star Wars creation, amazing and terrifying. If you’re ready to face it in its full terror/glory, with a new kind of horror on every corner, check out the topic. We don’t guaranty that you’ll return.


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