Rebels Review: Rebel Resolve

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What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Yet another great episode! The season’s finale is looking good after this strong sequel to last week’s episode. The Empire remains threatening and efficient, so I love how they didn’t get any weaker compared to last episode just for the sake of plot. Their shutting off all communications is a logical step after the destruction of that tower, and shows the measures Tarkin is willing (and able) to take. It also gives the Rebels a real challenge if they want to find Kanan, resulting in an action packed episode where the action really felt appropriate, even needed with that plot. The sequence in the beginning with the AT-DP’s was very reminiscent of Episode VI, but gave us a good look at the characters as a bonus, with a new side of Chopper. And the sequence in the end with once again Chopper was very well put together. This episode contained some of the best action scenes of the show. And while there was less room for story and character, we got some interesting moments too. I’m sure that deal with Vizago will come back to haunt the Rebels later. This three-parter is shaping up great, with strong action, strong content. I’m beginning to regret the end of season one is already that near.
Oky: This episode was pretty good, although not quite as strong as the previous one. It was basically just about the rebels trying to find out where Kanan is being held captive while the empire tries to find other rebel cells. Therefore, it didn’t feel like the stakes were quite as high as when they were trying to transmit a message of hope for the entire galaxy, but it didn’t really drag the episode down. Like in Call to Action, the Empire feels like a viable threat, even though the stormtroopers still suck at their job. Again, they simply assume that Chopper is one of their droids without bothering to check if he really is, but I digress. It was a simple plot, but a decent one.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
BEAVeR: I was really and pleasantly surprised by the variety of emotions we got in this episode. You could expect that we would only see the determination of the Rebels to save Kanan. But as they have to fight up against the efficiency of the Empire, they begin to doubt a bit. Chopper became really desperate in that AT-DP. It’s an emotion we haven’t really seen with a droid yet, especially not with Chopper. So it’s really neat how we get to see what’s going on under his hood. Actually, it makes his comedy more meaningful, and puts his entire character in a different perspective. Not bad for a single scene. And this is the episode that finally gave Hera some proper depth. And I really like how they did it: Hera has always seemed so perfect, with her dedication to the cause and all that, but in this episode, they made that very weakness into her weakness: she cared more about her ideals than about what she could actually do to change someone’s fate. Once again, that was a really nice touch that still fits very well with what we already saw from her character. These last couple of episodes are doing a good job of making some sense of everything we saw, addressing a couple of characters in every episode. I really hope the undertone, the depth of the characters will be preserved in episodes and seasons to come. Ezra had a fine moment too, he seemed very grown up when he negotiated with Vizago, although they kept the undertone that he might not really have been in control and still has much to learn.  That was a really strong scene as well, and although the similarities with the pirates in the Clone Wars are a bit painful from time to time, it shows yet another side of the universe.
This episode was again more about the Rebels than about the Empire, so we didn’t get to see a lot of them. But what we saw was great. The troops moved kind of efficiently during the AT-DP incident, although it still seems like those stormtroopers can’t see anything through those visors. And the interrogation scene perfectly mimicked the feeling of episode IV, maybe even a bit darker. They even managed to keep the undertone that those tests might eventually prove too much for Kanan.
Oky: We had a lot of great character moments in this one. I liked seeing Hera struggle with the conflict between her dedication to their overall mission (whatever that is exactly) and her desire to save Kanan. Ezra showed some maturity taking it upon himself to lead the search for his mentor. And it was quite nice to see how Chopper missed Kanan and risked his own “life” several times throughout the episode to find him. It really gave him some personality. And his tendency to kick imperial droids off of great heights never ceases to amuse me. Tarkin was great as usual, even though he and the Inquisitor failed to get anything out of Kanan. The fact that he shut down the Empire’s entire data network was a drastic yet logical move and shows his competence. Kanan also really showed some strength of will by resisting all of their interrogation methods. The courier droid was a neat character as well since he posed a polar opposite to Chopper. He was a perfect helper droid, but lacked all of the personality and heart that Chopper has.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Broken HornBEAVeR: Although the episode didn’t really need new vehicles to make it interesting, we got some nice treats. We could have a good look at Vizago’s Broken Horn, although a modified version of the already seen Gozanti-cruiser a very nice looking ship. And we also had the brand new Imperial version of the Arquitens-class light cruiser. It really didn’t feel new, but that’s a good thing. And the way it connects to the shuttle was a nice feature (maybe even for a play set?). Finally, the courier droid was a pretty one, and had it’s very own character. It was perfect as a one-off character.
Imperial light cruiserOky: There wasn’t anything terribly new in this episode, but we did get to see some slight variations of previously seen ships. There was Vizago’s flagship, the Broken Horn, which was basically just a repainted Gozanti-class cruiser, and the Imperial light cruiser, a slightly different version of the Jedi light cruiser. It’s always nice to see vehicles from The Clone Wars carry over to this show as it bridges the gap between the two shows/eras and shows that all those vehicles they made up for that show didn’t just disappear by the events of Revenge of the Sith.

BEAVeR’s rating: 5/5 – At first I had the impression this episode was a bit less than the previous one, because this one had more action. And more action is less story. But in retrospect all of the action doesn’t weaken the story. No, the action was tense, creative and meaningful, and we still got a lot of story through various scenes in the action. This episode featured some of the most interesting character points in the series, although not very spectacular at first sight. So it really is on par with the previous one. And with Mustafar, Fulcrum and more coming for the next episode, it looks like this season is going to leave us impatiently waiting for the next one. Well done, Rebels!
Oky’s Rating: 4/5 – This episode didn’t quite have that oomph that the previous one had since the stakes weren’t so high this time and despite it being called “Rebel Resolve” not much was actually resolved. It mostly just felt like a preparation for the season finale, which is fine since it was still an entertaining episode with nice character development and it preserved the serious tone of the previous episode. If the trailer is any indication, we’re in for a spectacular finale, so let’s hope it delivers.


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