Another Sarlacc Enterprise

Jawa recycling station, by PierroLego16, on Techlug


Techlug‘s “What’s at the bottom of the Sarlacc” got some very creative answers. DanSto already showed us there’s a Jawa juice distillery down there. And now PierroLego16 confirms how good the Sarlacc really is good for economy, by showing off the Jawa’s recycling plant. Who would have ever guessed the Jawas were so environmentally concerned? Assisted by a small army of droids, they recover whatever precious resources they can, from what/who people think they can’t use anymore. They transport it with a series of cranes and small vehicles to other parts of the factory to give it a new life. Those vehicles are completely electrically powered and rechargeable by the way. Yes, here we see yet another very creative and talented builder at work. PierroLego16 really managed to capture the gritty and dark industrial look, matching it perfectly with the Star Wars universe. The factory with its browns, its small details and seemingly haphazard elements reminds of the Sandcrawler, making it perfectly natural. And details like walkways (with railings), power core, air vents and communication equipment make it realistic. This build is a perfect and beautiful example of how something new and creative can still feel right if you introduce the right elements. And that an interesting concept, combined with some amazing building contraptions and the sweet charm of a playset, remembers us why we love the bricks so much. So go underground once more and check out all corners of the facility on Techlug (in French).


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