“Character Encyclopedia” Proto Fett minifigure revealed

White Boba Fett minifigure, in the 2015 Pictures and Rumors topic


The Dorling Kindersley LEGO books are known for the inclusion of an exclusive (at least, most of the time) Star Wars minifigure as an extra incentive to buy the book. We’ve had ceremonial outfits, retro characters, well received and… not so well received minifigures. The white prototype Boba Fett you see above is definitely one of the best ever offered in these books. It’s not a completely new minifigure, as it was already an exclusive polybag released in 2010. But that one still featured the old Fett molds, and this one is superior in printing as well. No doubt this minifigure based on an early concept for episode V’s snowtroopers will be a highly desired minifigure. It will be included in the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, together with the 280 pages full of minifigures, that will be released on April 28 and can be pre-ordered $ 12 USD. Before you lay your hands on it, find out more about it in the 2015 news topic.


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