The Old Republic’s Falcon

Crimson Pilgrim, by Bob De Quatre, on Eurobricks


Don’t recognize the ship above? But how is that possible – it certainly looks and feels like a real Star Wars ship? It’s not your Star Wars knowledge failing. It’s ridiculously talented Bob De Quatre’s own work of art. He’s known throughout the galaxy for beautiful ships, full of impossible curves and angles, right from his imagination. It’s remarkable how he keeps inventing new ships and shapes, and executing them with our familiar, blocky bricks. This Crimson Pilgrim features the characteristic curves, with the beautiful cockpit emerging from the ship, it getting beautifully bulky towards the back, with some impossibly beautiful engines at the back. Bob De Quatre keeps getting better in details as well. Mechanics never looked as gorgeous as on the underside of the cockpit of this ship, those radar dishes are genius, the ship is speckled with offsets and flaps… everything right to the landing gear has a lovely depth to it. Everything to make it the UCS Falcon of the Old Republic. But that comparison isn’t entirely on its place. Because Bob De Quatre went further and applied for the job as interior designer as well. It’s a fully operational ship, equipped with all the awesomeness to make your day. So undertake a pilgrimage to the topic and join the choir of praise!


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