Have a look at the summer 2015 sets

75094 Imperial Shuttle Tyderium, on the New York Toy Fair, by FBTB


After days of excitement and disappointment, the New York Toy Fair 2015 closes today. The last days have been filled with pictures and rumors coming from the event, with a lot of photo’s and videos taken of a lot of the LEGO sets we will get in the summer. You can’t have missed the much talked about 75095 UCS TIE Fighter. But have you seen the Luke and Vader action figures with your own eyes? Or have you drooled over all of the new minifigures already? Or do you still have no clue about the play features of all of the sets? From Bricks To Bothans has an extensive coverage of all things noteworthy on the toy fair. You’ll find pictures of the TIE fighter, the regular sets (not a word yet on the episode VII ones) and constraction figures, complete with videos showing off the features, all in one place. So visit our fellow blog, or discuss all the exciting news in our Star Wars news thread.


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