Jango Unchained

Miniland Jango Fett, by vitreolum, on Eurobricks


Talented builder Vitreolum is building one masterpiece right after the other. He masters every subject from spaceships to pirate dioramas. And he seems to have a real knack for character building. Opposed to a lot of the ships you’re used to see here, character building has the challenge of achieving difficult shapes in an incredibly tight space. It’s hard not to build just any human (and relatives), but one character in particular, because the human eye is hard to fool. And yet here we see everybody’s second favorite bounty hunter as if we are looking at a picture. The details are all there: the beautiful and characteristic guns, the nice belt, the iconic helmet, the wickedly designed holsters… But including some details doesn’t make the character. With the proportions and the posing, Vitreolum managed to convey the strong and athletic air of the bounty hunter, with his broad shoulders but carefully placed legs. This really is the Jango Fett minifigure grown up. Let your thoughts flow in the topic.


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