Rebels Reviews: Vision of Hope

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What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Good news! If we continue the comparison between the first and the second part of the season, we skipped Fighter Flight, and went straight to Rise of the Old Masters. The similarities are remarkable: the Rebels trust a piece of information they shouldn’t trust, walk right into a trap and escape without a big effort. So once again, the plot wasn’t very original in its whole. There are some nagging questions you can ask yourself as well, such as why the Inquisitor doesn’t participate in such a prepared and important trap, or why the Empire didn’t train senator Trayvis more, if he was to be such a pivotal character in the plot. But still, the plot was alright and I really like how this show is setting up some stories that go on across multiple episodes in the background. Like senator Trayvis already being part of the trap in Rise of the Old Masters, Ezra’s parents being mentioned again and Zare Leonis returning with some more story as well. It really helps to create the universe that serves as background for these episodes, and it keeps you on the lookout for hints throughout the show. But while there are some great things happening in the background, the actual bulk of the episodes still lacks the same originality and depth.
Oky: I wasn’t very impressed by this one. The plot doesn’t really connect to the previous ones other than the return of Senator Trayvis and was just one of those stories where a seeming ally turns out to be a traitor. It was pretty unoriginal and not much of a shock. And once again, the Empire proves how incompetent they are by failing to arrest the rebels after they walked into their trap. They even mistake Chopper as one of their droids without bothering to check if he actually is. The ending was also a bit rushed as Ezra seemed to get over Trayvis’ harsh words pretty quickly. But at least there wasn’t any moronic slapstick in this one. In fact, the bit where Chopper ruthlessly throws an Imperial astromech droid down a shaft was actually kind of funny.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
BEAVeR: This was once again an episode centered around Ezra. And I could really follow him well this time. When he first got his vision, I actually found it to be quite clear and true, so I think they handled ‘the surprise’ and the way it affects Ezra’s feelings rather well. You can see how much he cares for/wants to know about his parents, which clashes with the Jedi needing to let go, leading to dangerous situation as in this episode. It was great that Hera got some depth in this episode as well. Although she stays nearly perfect (read uninteresting), we get to see how she feels about it. How she has hope too, but doesn’t allow it to be dangerously heightened or destroyed by others. It’s an interesting quality to think about, and shows us more how she manages to keep the Rebellion alive. Senator Trayvis was okay, but rather clumsy. He gave the impression that while the Empire makes big plans, they aren’t effective at carrying them out. So while it is softened, I still have the impression that the Empire is portrayed as way to weak, incompetent and not threatening at all. The Rebels deserve more of a challenge! Finally, I really liked the re-apparition of Zare Leonis. It’s fantastic they followed up on his story, with his promotion and being transferred to a different post. And his smooth joining the troopers showed how he was able to come that far. And his friendship with Ezra is quite nicely executed.
Oky: In this episode, we see Ezra dealing with the loss of his parents again and learning not to let his emotions cloud his visions. It’s a good lesson to learn for a Jedi and gave him some nice development. It was also good to see Zare Leonis again and check in on his progress. I liked that Ezra got honest with him, or at least tried to.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
BEAVeR: The show is stalling a bit with it’s visual content, but this episode still delivered some new bits. The McQuarrie droids did rather well as the escorts. The senator’s shuttle was nothing new. The old senate building was rather nice, and I enjoyed the overview of the city. Lastly, I had the impression the sewers were very clean and advanced for such a supposedly poor planet. But still it was a convenient and ‘fresh’ location.
Oky: Not much new again, although the Senate building was nice as it looked similar to the Senate building on Coruscant, which makes it feel consistent with the rest of the universe. The McQuarrie-inspired protocol droids were a nice touch as well. Again, they remind me of the Coruscant Police from The Clone Wars.

BEAVeR’s rating: 4/5 – The episode had some nice plot twists and finally some rather great character development. I had the impression the creators clearly knew what they wanted, so they didn’t overdo anything. The execution was good, although the lack of creativity in the main stories keeps bugging me. I also had the impression not a whole lot happened during this episode, so I’m really looking forward to more multiple episode stories. The background is already becoming very interesting. Now for some real danger and more original stories…
Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – It wasn’t bad, but nothing special either. There were some nice character moments, but the plot was fairly unengaging. It seems like nothing was accomplished, except the rebels now have one less source to trust. Let’s hope the next episode will be more original and furthers the plot a bit more.


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