Speeding through the Desert

Desert Speeder, by Vaionaut, on Imperium der Steine Desert Speeder, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


No, it’s not another rendition of Luke’s Landspeeder this time. In fact, the last couple of days multiple renditions of the Desert Speeder seen in the trailer for The Force Awakens have popped up. We can thank a small internal contest on German LEGO Star Wars forum Imperium der Steine for that. On a coming exhibition, they want to show a bunch of these nice speeders. So builders on the forum can submit their designs. The catch: it has to be buildable in 20 minutes.

Two of the best entries come from Vaionaut and blog regular markus1984. Vaionaut‘s version on the left captures the shape perfectly with a lot of intricate techniques. It looks very realistic as a play set. Markus1984‘s version on the right features some more details, like the incredible piping and other subtleties in the shape. Even before the movie has come out, it already looks like the definite version. So both creations have their individual strong points. If they could be combined, that would make for an awesome model… And guess what? After seeing each other’s entries, Markus1984 and Vaionaut contacted each other and built the model below. A rare piece of collaboration that combines a great shape with great details. The result is stunning. Vaionaut has provided instructions for his original speeder on Imperium der Steine. Markus1984 posted his original version here on Eurobricks. And the wonderful combination model can be found in his topic on Imperium der Steine. Go check them out, and let’s hope more of these wonderful collaborations will happen in the future!


Desert Speeder 2.0, by markus1984 and Vaionaut, on Imperium der Steine

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