First pictures of the Final Duel set!

75093 Final Duel, at the Nuerenberg Toy Fair


The last few days have been very exciting with all the news from the Nuerenberg Toy Fair coming in. We saw what the Scooby Doo line was going to look like. And the reveal of the UCS Helicarrier was the talk of the week. News concerning the 2015 summer Star Wars sets has been rare though, beyond a number of rumors. But thanks to Hothbricks, we can have a look at the set 75093 Final Duel. Depicting the final and defining scenes of the Original Trilogy, it features the iconic windows, the imposing chair, the notorious shaft, the neat consoles and a collapsable platform. Included are Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and two Royal guards. Apart from Darth Vader having a new mold for his helmet, none of the minifigs are new. It still looks like a decent set on its own, one of the better playsets LEGO has produced. It will be available from the summer of 2015 for a rumored 69.99 GBP / 89.99 USD. Discuss it in the 2015 News thread on Eurobricks!


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