The next step

JJ-AB7 Y-wing, by Elliot Feldman, on Flickr


The Force Awakens draws ever closer. We know there will be an updated version of the X-wing in it. And Elliot Feldman built what we can only hope to be the updated version of the Y-wing. The apple clearly didn’t fall far from its tree. The cockpit, the guns, the engines, the astromech… this model has all features that make it a Y-wing. But look at the amazing ribbed effect of the cockpit, and those beautiful split domes, or that big curvy shield generator on the back, the pipes on the underside, the fancy arrows on the side, and the superb nose detail, and the intriguing cockpit… A familiar model never held so much surprises! I love how this ship looks more modern, but only logically so. It clearly is the next step in the history of the Y-wing. The mere conception of all these innovative changes is amazing – it is hard to be satisfied with any modifications you make to an existing model you love. Elliot Feldman’s bold creativity goes hand in hand with some incredible techniques too, to construct that intricate head or those domes. And have you noticed how big this beauty is? Drool over all 96 studs on Flickr, or see it in person on the LEGO California Star Wars Days. And keep your eyes open for more beautiful offspring of our beloved vehicles!


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