Definite UT-AT

UT-AT, by Mangetsu, on Eurobricks


When it was still summer (at least, on the Northern hemisphere), Mangetsu shared with us his digital model for the ultimate UT-AT. He has kept his word and now he presents it in bricks. He says the transition from a digital to a physical model was quite hard due to gravity, even for an Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport. But he succeeded in building it, keeping all the good elements of his digital prototype. The model still magically captures all of the angles, and sports little details to make it look like an actual vehicle. I especially like the ‘spine’ of the model with all of its ridges and beautiful cannons, tucked away behind some lovely plate geometry. There’s something incredibly satisfying about those neat pads too. The model comes with a nice surprise as well: a full interior! Due to the lack of source material, Mangetsu mostly made it up, but you wouldn’t say it. He manages to get 26 minifigs and two speederbikes in it. Don’t ask me how he still has room to support all the angles. So it’s an incredible vehicle, and incredible playset, an incredible contstruction… the ultimate, definite UT-AT.


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