An exceptional fighter

UCS X-Wing Red Five, by usfighting


UCS, Ultimate Collector’s Series. Those three words fill the harts of Star Wars AFOLs with images of big, detailed models. It are the sets everyone wants. And it are the creations that everyone remembers. We had such a creation earlier this week, and now another newcomer to Eurobricks, ‘usfighting’, presents his UCS Red Five X-wing starfighter. Over two years in the making, it doesn’t give the impression a better rendition will ever be made at this scale. Everything is so smooth and so well shaped: the angles of the fuselage are just perfect, and the cockpit fits in beautifully. I love all the slopes going on, and the main hexagonal shape going all through the ship, something that I’ve never seen built before. The engines are also notoriously hard to get right, but here the brick built solution solves all problems, and the thread pieces over the exhausts look brilliant. The X-configuration of the wings is spot on, and I adore all the angled details in the back. And when writing about this kind of model, you always forget to mention this little detail, that genius solution… And apart from the excellent build, there are those beautiful, custom made stickers. Normally, I favor brick built solutions, but here the level of realism they give lifts this model in a higher orbit. Oh, want to go on and on about this creation, but maybe it’s better if you’d witness everything with your own eyes in the topic. I’m pretty confident this is one of those creations that you will remember.


UCS X-Wing Red Five, by usfighting

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