[SoNE VII] Heir to the Empire!

War Hammer, by goatman461, on Eurobricks War Hammer, by goatman461, on Eurobricks


With the result of the seventh episode of the Eurobricks Star Wars Forum’s Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka building role playing game in, the Empire celebrates its victory over the Rebel Alliance for the second time. The object of this episode, titled “Heirloom“, was to build a 16×16 scene showing the character with a precious object, and another build showing this object’s history in the family. In his entry, goatman461 bravely wields his hammer, once belonging to his murdered father. His impressive builds got him a score of a whopping 24 out of 25, making him the well deserved winner of the episode. But the other ten contestants of the Empire didn’t do bad at all, with another three 23’s, compared to the smaller Rebel cell with only five contestants but with two 23’s nonetheless. The next episode will come soon, so now is the time to sign up and make the faction of your choice proud! Or get inspired by all previous builds first…


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