Luke’s legendary landspeeder

UCS X34 Landspeeder, by Psyence, on Eurobricks


So you want your first creation for the AFOL community to leave an impression? It seems that fresh Eurobricks member Psyence can teach you a lot then. He makes quite an entrance with his UCS Luke’s Landspeeder. We featured some landspeeders a while ago, but these 2798 pieces just blow them out of the water, no matter how beautiful those were. Because on this scale, there is no need for abstraction: every single detail is present. Sure, those fancy greebles or the smooth cockpit might be the most obvious, but it goes farther than that. The markings are beautifully executed, and the shaping of the grill along the front is amazing. The builder didn’t use the common approach of using flexible tubing, but went for a collection of segments of overhanging plates. It remains smooth enough, but the clear lines convey the technical feel maybe even better. And those round mudguards recreate the shape of the original speeder perfectly. It is smooth, and yet the studs don’t feel off, but give the model some more texture. You would say Psyence has been doing this for years. But he’s only just begun. Well done, and I think we’re all already awaiting your next project. Until then, this is the place to leave your words of praise.


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