Parade of the Polybags

2015 AT-DP Polybag 2015 TIE Advanced Polybag 2015 A-wing Polybag


The LEGO winter 2015 sets are in the stores. Yet, there are some extra small sets coming throughout the year. These polybags are usually promotional items that you get if you spend a certain sum on Star Wars sets in an official LEGO Store or at Shop@Home, and usually they can be bought in regular toy stores as well. You can already get the first one, 30274 AT-DP, right now with the purchase of a Star Wars set. It’s still unclear at what occasion the 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype and the 30272 A-wing will be available. Anyway, it’s very nice to see these smaller brothers of the regular sets.

The polybag below will probably be the promotional item for the May the 4th actions. If you don’t recognize him, don’t worry. Admiral Yularen appeared only very briefly in the council scene in A New Hope. He also featured in The Clone Wars, but obviously he was much younger then. Still, he’s a nice figure, and I’m confident the Imperial Security Bureau uniform will be highly welcomed by all collectors and MOCcers. Discuss all the 2015 news and rumors in the according topic.

2015 Admiral Yularen polybag

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