“Micro leader standing by”

X-wing and Y-wing Redux, by Miro Dudas, on Flickr


You might have found the lack of articles disturbing the last couple of weeks. We’re sorry, but the Imperials finally found out about our secret Rebel blog. If it hadn’t been for these brave and beautiful ships, the Death Star of real life might have destroyed us. This battalion of micro Rebel fighters is under the command of incredible MOCcer Miro Dudas. He rebuilt his already awesome creation he made a year ago, making these ships absolutely spectacular. The shape of both of them is incredibly accurate, and even beats a lot of system-scaled creations. And everyone thinking micro tiny creations can’t be detailed, has to alter his opinion. The variety of parts, and even the way they are attached, add a lot of depth to both models, making them seem bigger than they are. So this creation is all beauty, isn’t it. What if I told you it features functionality in the form of a retractable landing gear as well? These truly are fit to take on Death Stars of any size. So head to Miro’s Flickr for your briefing, soldier!


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