Luke’s Legion of Landspeeders

X-34 Landspeeder, by _Tiler, on Flickr


Just a few days ago, the micro model behind the door of the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar was Luke’s landspeeder. Not a bad model, but completely overshadowed by _Tiler’s marvelous rendition. To be fair, it’s in a completely different category, but boy is that model gorgeous. The shape is exactly what it should be, not an easy feat with that curved nose and sides. What’s even better, those markings are incredible. Instead of going with stickers, the builder found the perfect brick layout to convey the patterns, with so much more nuance and authenticity. And the more I look at it, the more details I see, all true to the original model. Apart from making a beautiful model, _Tiler has succeeded in bringing authenticity and texture together, with just the right amount of each. All we can do is marvel at this detailed model, right here.

Micro Landspeeder, by 6kyubi6, on Eurobricks


6kyubi6 couldn’t resist adding some more fun to our speeder spectacle. He brings a completely different model with his microfighter-style landspeeder (indeed, for that same contest we talked about earlier). And boy is it amazing. There are some stickers, but that doesn’t mean 6kyubi6 took the easy route. He came up with a different solution to the striping enigma, taking the opportunity to add some more surface texture to the model: the perfect solution at this scale. The engines have just the right proportions to make it chiby and to give us enough detail, and that windscreen was just made for this mini model. What’s most incredible to me though, is the insertion of the little minifig antenna in the front hood. It shows that one part really can make a difference, even if it is not the focus of the model. It makes it clear that even small models take big thoughts. So it deserves great praise, right here.


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