Incredible spacechibs

Little One, by Grantmasters, on Flickr Nebulon chi-B frigate, by Bob De Quatre, on Eurobricks


The Microfighters might have made into most houses by now. They also make for a popular MOCcing theme. Quality blog The Brothers Brick decided to push it all a bit further, and has launched the Chibi Micro contest. The object: to turn any popular culture vehicle into a Microfighter style adorable creation! Although the contest lasts until the 4th of January, loads of entries have been posted, covering Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, the A-team, even Lord of the Rings, and – what interests us most – Star Wars. We’ve already had quite a lot of Star Wars Microfighter MOCs, but these two bring yet something new to our universe.

In the green corner, Grantmasters presents us with a stunning chibi Endor speeder bike. It’s adorable, minimalist and without any doubt recognizable, somehow (in fact with some incredible building techniques) combining the sleek and agile design with the chubby chibi aesthetic. Go applaud the magician who pulled this out of his brick bin on his Flickr! Or turn to the red corner, where Bob De Quatre fights for the Alliance with his Nebulon (chi-)B frigate. It sports some more parts, giving us some strangely cute and greebly details. Again, this model does the impossible of marrying the extremely fragile and complex look of the ship with the adorable simplicity of the chib. Be sure to give this wizard a thunderous applause as well, right here on Eurobricks. And let’s hope for many, many incredible spacechibs to come. I want all of them in my Christmas tree right now!


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