Refined Imperial Technology

 AT-ST, by BEAVeR, on Eurobricks


Fellow Blogger and Star Wars Regulator, BEAVeR, has quickly developed a reputation for being an expert LDD builder, and he’s just posted some images of his latest project.  I’ve always had a quiet admiration for Imperial technology and, although the AT-ST won’t ever win any awards for beauty, it’s certainly an imposing piece of machinery.  One of the main attractions for me is that it’s a very efficient design, and BEAVeR has managed to replicate its angles and contours extremely well; the overall shape is just about perfect.  Although it makes a fleeting appearance in Episode V, it’s best known for its appearance in Episode VI during the battle of Endor where it’s used to battle the evil natives.  I’ll never understand how the ewoks managed to win, but it’s probably best if I just leave it at that!  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look at the look at the other images of this great MOC.


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