Rebels Review: Out of Darkness

What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Sometimes, a show has an episode that seems to be no more than a reference to some genre or a movie. Those episodes can be fun, but often offer nothing more than those references. This episode was almost there. Although I can’t pinpoint to what movie this would be a reference, but there was a very clear influence of the horror genre. The darkness, the uncertainty, moving shadows, no way to escape… all very familiar. There was nothing really new about the bulk of the episode’s story, and the suspense wasn’t what it could’ve been, because real suspense comes from the unexpected, which is exactly what this episode lacked. I liked the sideplot however, with the mysterious contact and the questions he raises. It is rather new to see that our heroes don’t even have a complete idea of what they’re doing. The result was that while I was supposed to be scared of the horror plot, I was thinking about what was said earlier.
Oky: They might as well have called this episode “Pitch Black” because it was basically just a rip-off of the Riddick movies. Which is not necessarily a bad thing considering The Clone Wars often borrowed ideas from other movies as well while still making it feel new, but there was a certain lack of originality here. I did like how they took out the creatures wave after wave as that was pretty clever and made it differ from the movies it was copying a bit. There wasn’t enough that was new about it, though, and this being a kids show, it also didn’t have as much suspense as it could have had.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
BEAVeR: Hera and Sabine were the only ones to actually feature in this episode. I must confess that it was about time Hera got more character. It was nice to see how she plans things, but can work with the plan of others as well. I like how she has thoughts about the future, but can still function very well in the present, and deal with uncertainty. In the end though, there’s nothing that really stands out about her character. There isn’t some kind of typical flaw, a quirk that sets her really apart. I hope we get to see that someday. Sabine on the other hand got quite a nice episode. Her rebellious nature shines through once more, and it’s interesting to think about a rebellion in the Rebellion… It’s good people are divided just a bit. I also liked how in the end, they didn’t really try to make it one polished arc, but left her still doubting. I hope that gives us more material for the episodes to come. To learn about her background some more was interesting as well, and I have no doubt we’ll see the consequences of her history in some future story.
Oky: It was nice to see Hera and Sabine having some time together to bond and learn to trust each other, similar to how Ezra and Zeb did. If this becomes a trend, maybe we will see Kanan having some bonding time with Chopper in a future episode. 😀  Both Sabine’s and Hera’s arguments were very valid and I liked that they got to an agreement by the end of the episode without completely dropping the issue. It will e interesting to see if they follow up on this at some point. It was also nice to hear a bit more about Sabine’s background. I hope they expand on it further in the future because according to her, being at the Imperial Academy was a nightmare, but if the previous episode is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem so bad, so I wonder what they made her do that was so horrible that it made her leave and become a rebel.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
BEAVeR: This episode was low on new vehicles. We got to see some wrecked Republic ships, but nothing to raise interest. The concept of a base on an asteroid, on the contrary, was both a bit nonsensical as quite interesting. I really like the uncertainty there is about whether there will be light or not, and what effect that had on the atmosphere (talking about atmosphere, how can there possibly be one – a breathable one – on such a tiny rock?). Practically, it raises a lot of questions, but you can’t deny the nice effect it had. I’m actually quite glad about this location. If they only could have given it some more thought, it could have been more believable (therefor more frightening) as well.
Oky: Fort Anaxes, or what we saw of it, was a fairly uninteresting place, although it was kinda neat to see an abandoned clone base. Of course it makes no sense that there would be a breathable atmosphere on an asteroid, let alone life, but the same could be said about any location in the Star Wars universe.

BEAVeR’s rating: 2.5/5 –  Apart from the location and a fraction of the character development, there were no original elements in this episode. And while horror really isn’t my genre, I don’t think it was executed well enough here. If they want to make original and refreshing episodes, the makers shouldn’t reference all kinds of different things, but go completely for an original idea. I’m still waiting for that one mind blowing episode. But to be honest, it took the Clone Wars a couple of seasons as well… let’s hope they learned from that.
Oky’s Rating: 2.5/5 – It wasn’t a bad episode like, say, Fighter Flight, but it felt unoriginal, predictable, and not that suspenseful, so it was just kind of boring. I did like the character development, though, and the musical score was great, drawing a lot of cues from the John Williams scores again. Let’s hope they will be a bit more creative with the next episode.


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