“She may not look like much”

Chibi Millennium Falcon, by Do-Hyun Kim, on flickr


It’s probably due to my age, but I’ve always been incredibly fond of the Millennium Falcon.  My brother gave me a book about space when I was very small, which it included the classic image of it in Docking Bay 94, and I spent countless hours taking in every little detail.  To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of the ‘Chibi’ style as I’m a bit of a purist at heart, but I have to admit that this MOC by Do-Hyun Kim is brilliant!  It’s a great choice of scale, in that it large enough to be crammed with details, but it’s small enough to be still considered cute!  The docking rings and top cannon in particular are very cleverly designed, and it even has a display stand allowing the model to be displayed in a classic ‘flight’ position.  Head over to flickr to take a look.


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