Los Eisley Saloon

A long time ago in the wild, wild west… there was a saloon in the town of Los Eisley, a wretched hive of bandits and desperadoes. This is the setting of vitreolum’s rootin’ tootin’ theme mash-up MOC! Many have compared Star Wars with a western, but few have actually depicted it as one. It’s not only a clever idea, but also very well executed. From the SNOT base to the textured walls of the saloon, it is highly detailed and well built. I especially like how he turned the duel between Han and Greedo into a high-noon showdown, and Yoda doing a rain dance dressed as an Indian on top of a nearby spire is just hilarious. If y’all wanna discuss this MOC, mosey on to this thread, partner. Yeehaw!


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