The blaster that shot first

LEGO Han Solo pistol, by Bruce Lowell, on Flickr


I’m not a big fan of weapons, honestly. But some of the weapons in Star Wars exceed being a killer-tool and are just beautiful. Bruce Lowell has succeeded in delivering that authentic feel of a beautiful prop rather than that of “a clumsy and random blaster”. Yes, his rendition of Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol is quite a sight to behold. The accurate details are very nice, with those knobs, that piece at the back and the sausage-rich trigger. It are the not so obvious and functional, but aesthetic details that make this model so authentic though. I just can’t get enough of those ridges at the front or that angled handle. Whether you’re a weapon’s freak or a pacifist, you can only marvel at this little but refined build. Discover it in more detail on Flickr.

To conclude this article, here’s a rather cute and novel rendition of a weapon from a more civilized age by ‘Obedient Machine’ as a delicious dessert.

Luke Skywalker's mini ROTJ lightsaber, by Obedient Machine, on Flickr

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