The forest moon of Ent-or?

UCS Style Ent, by Jason Alleman, on Flickr


Okay, okay – This isn’t a Star Wars MOC. Still, there’s a very good explanation for the lazy pun in the title. This incredible sculpture of an Ent from Middle Earth, is in fact an alternate model of the 10236 Ewok Village! It was created by Jason Alleman, original builder extraordinaire. Not only is he crazy enough to have such an idea, but he is also genius enough to turn that idea into a marvelous model. This Ent has nice texture all around, clearly resembling a tree, but still very living and dynamic. The posing of the legs is impressive, and the branches on the shoulder give the creature some extra character. What’s most impressive of all though, is the fact that this model is quite articulated. Not an easy job when you’re working with a rather static set like the Ewok Village. Still, the hips, arms and fingers can all move to vanquish those evil orcs stormtroopers. So this really is the ultimate alternate model, with a inconceivably original idea, skillful execution, innovative parts usage (I mean, did you see that face?) and asking every one with the set to build it. Incredible job, Jason! Comment on the topic, or watch and read everything, or even have a look at the instructions, on his website.


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