Tackling the giant walker

Midi scale AT-AT, by Hugolin, on Techlug


Ever since those giant Imperial walkers were first spotted on Hoth, numerous builders have attempted to recreate the behemoth in LEGO. There have been huge ones, tiny ones, creative ones… Still, Hugolin succeeds in bringing us something new. His AT-AT doesn’t sport some whimsical theme, and it isn’t big either. No, it’s special because in a fairly small scale, it captures almost the same amount of detail as the biggest monsters we have seen. Despite the very limited interior space, all of the angles are perfect, those on the head in particular. And although there aren’t a lot of rigid joints in small scales, the model is very dynamic and quite sturdy. Moreover, all of the textures and details are there. Even the props are there: that little snowspeeder stands the comparison to the gorgeous walker. It’s a beautiful model from head to toe, and if there would exist some kind of Ultimate Collector’s Midi Series, this would certainly be the Millennium Falcon of it. Check out all of the pictures on Techlug, or if you want to gain some more insight in the design process from LDD to final model, check out the entire WIP topic (in French).


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