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Mustafar, by Migalart, on Eurobricks


There are just a few builders in the world that totally blow your mind away with their MOCs. Migalart is one of them. In less than a year’s time, he has amazed us with a wide range of enormous displays, from Indiana Jones over Space bases to Avatar. The latest of Migal’s art is this stunning Mustafar diorama. It’s a huge creation, hinting at the builder’s dedication, and yet it’s more than that. All of the natural elements are beautifully sculpted, with an eye for detail and nature. It’s hard to make big faces of rock without them becoming a bit repetitive. It’s hard to build vast expanses of lava with all of those colors and islands in the right place. But Migalart can do it like no one else: we’re almost looking at a picture from a movie. The artificial elements are exceptional as well. I haven’t seen a lot of Mustafar MOCs that could faithfully reproduce the utilitarian yet complex structures, but here the curves and the little segments are just perfect. And if all of that goodness somehow isn’t enough to blow you away, there are some beautifully presented pictures just for you. The one below is just an appetizer. To experience the creation in its full glory, make the jump to the topic. And it might be hard, but please go easy on your exlamation mark key.

Mustafar, by Migalart, on Eurobricks



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