Ended not, the Clone War has.

With the new animated series Star Wars Rebels airing soon, it’s time to look back at its predecessor, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show got cancelled in the middle of the production of a new season. We already got to see the finished episodes as The Lost Missions, but the legacy of the Clone Wars doesn’t end there. More stories were under development, and they are now released in several forms. The very strong, interesting and dramatic story of Darth Maul continues as a Dark Horse comic book series called Son of Dathomir. Utapau is the scene for a story arc that delves deeper into the feelings of Anakin and Obi-Wan, presented in a very Original Trilogy-like way. The raw animations for these four episode arc under the name of Crystal Crisis are available online. Finally, a novel will be released that explores the character of Asajj Ventress further, and stars jedi Quinlan Vos. Dark Disciple will appear in the summer of 2015.

The Clone Wars had its lovers and its haters, but I think everyone agrees that the show ended at its peak. And the stories that are now appearing or about to appear, are about probably the most interesting people in the series. So I’m really looking forward to this very last bit of Clone Wars. So do you? Head to the Star Wars website to find out more.


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